May 2016 Stitch Fix Review and Question

May 2016 Stitch Fix – Why Did I

I was referred to Stitch Fix from my sister, who uses the service periodically.  While it’s not technically a Pinterest project, it is popular to do these reviews/posts on Pinterest, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.  I have gotten a few fixes before, but all were while I was pregnant, with mixed results.  It is really hard to find cute (non tent-like), affordable maternity clothes, particularly for petites, so even though I was never super thrilled with my maternity fixes, there was always one piece that was better than anything else I could find at other places.

Now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try for regular clothes.  I’m not going to bother showing pictures of all of the things I returned, I am going to focus on the one piece I kept.  First, this is where SF is smart, because the $20 styling fee is a great incentive to keep something.  I realize that they have to pay the stylists and shipping charges, so I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a fee, but it probably costs SF a lot less, but they have figured out that $20 is the price point that a lot of us will not want to forfeit.  If there weren’t the fee, I wouldn’t have kept anything from this shipment.

My favorite thing was a pair of Kut from the Kloth pants, which fit, but gave me a slight muffin top.  They were not stretchy so I knew they wouldn’t give after wearing.  I really wanted to make them work because the color, length, and way they made my flat butt look good were appealing.  But I decided to return them because the waist was just tight enough to be uncomfortable.  The upside is that this fix made me aware of a brand I might not have found otherwise, and I have since ordered Kut from the Kloth jeans I love from Nordstrom.

I wasn’t crazy about anything else in the box, but this Papermoon Bastille blouse (right and above) was okay, and not super expensive.  I wasn’t in love with it because: I already had a similar blouse, the fit wasn’t flattering, and I prefer less black in my warm weather wardrobe.  I am large chested, so fitted (not tight) shirts look better on me, otherwise it appears as though I am the same width as my breasts all the way down.  But again, I wasn’t going to lose my $20, so this is what I kept.

 sf The worst part however, is that when I was looking up the shirt online, I realized that different people pay more for the same shirt!  I got it in black, but it cost $44.  It is the same as the black shirt pictured above, listed for $38.  A google search shows that the shirt comes in a lot of different colors, and some are $38, some are $44.  I know that some stores charge more for prints, as in my example above.  But mine is identical to the black one.  Why was I charged the higher price?  I could not find the answer on SF’s web site or google.  Some things that I know could affect the price: plus sizing (nope), prints (again, nope), seasonality/getting rid of inventory (I got this AFTER the lower priced version above was posted, so nope).  If anyone can give me some insight into this I’d appreciate it.

I keep reading mixed reviews about SF, I’m not sure if it is worth it for me, particularly if they continue unfair pricing strategies.  If any of you out there want to give it a try and let me know your experience, you can use my link:


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