Low Sugar, High Protein Yogurt


Pinterest is full of recipes for smoothies and overnight oats.  I love smoothies, but I don’t always have time to get the blender out and going, not to mention drinking my breakfast isn’t nearly as satisfying as chewing, even if the ingredients are the same.  Most of the overnight oats recipes I’ve found have a lot of sugar, and require some milk, which I’m not a huge fan of, cow or otherwise.   Sugar is beginning to be linked to all sorts of health issues, and I am trying to retrain my palate to not crave so much.  The more you eat, the more you want.  That’s why it’s particularly important to try and not start your day with sugary foods, you are just setting yourself up for a day of cravings.  So I came up with my own, low sugar, high protein grab-and-go breakfast that is still delicious and satisfying.  The yogurt is a bit tart, and can take some getting used to if you usually add sweetener or buy presweetened flavored varieties, but I think the fruit and granola adds just the right amount of sweetness without over doing the sugar content.

First, not only am I trying to seriously cut back on sugar, but I’m also trying to eliminate as much plastic from my life as possible.  Ambitious, I know.  Plus, mason jars are everywhere right now and they are just so cute!  They have tons of uses (thanks, Pinterest) and are inexpensive.  However, finding health and environmentally friendly reusable lids was a different story.  The tin ones that come with the jars are not meant to be reused, although I usually get away with it a few times before they start to rust.  Lots of people are swearing by reusable plastic lids, but again, plastic isn’t my jam.  I finally found these cool silicone versions on Amazon.

They are surprisingly leak-proof, considering they press on instead of screwing on.  But best of all, they aren’t leaching chemicals into my food!

In my 8oz jar, I layer:

4oz Chobani plain Greek yogurt (70cal, 4.5g sugar) – Chobani has one of the lowest sugar contents, make sure you read the label if you are using another brand

About 3/4 tablespoon chia seeds (53cal, 0 sugar)

About 1/4 cup (2oz) frozen raspberries – You can of course use any fruit you like, but raspberries have one of the lowest concentrations of sugar, and the granola has blueberries as well (16cal, 1g sugar)

I usually do this the night before, stirring it all together, then refrigerating with the lid on over night. There is enough liquid in the yogurt and fruit to enlarge the chia seeds somewhat, but not to a “chia pudding” like texture.  In the morning, I sprinkle on the granola, about 1/4 cup (90cal, 4g sugar).  Once I get to work I have a breakfast that keeps me satisfied until lunch.

Total Nutrition info: 229 calories, 9.5g sugar, 17g protein



May 2016 Stitch Fix Review and Question

May 2016 Stitch Fix – Why Did I

I was referred to Stitch Fix from my sister, who uses the service periodically.  While it’s not technically a Pinterest project, it is popular to do these reviews/posts on Pinterest, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.  I have gotten a few fixes before, but all were while I was pregnant, with mixed results.  It is really hard to find cute (non tent-like), affordable maternity clothes, particularly for petites, so even though I was never super thrilled with my maternity fixes, there was always one piece that was better than anything else I could find at other places.

Now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try for regular clothes.  I’m not going to bother showing pictures of all of the things I returned, I am going to focus on the one piece I kept.  First, this is where SF is smart, because the $20 styling fee is a great incentive to keep something.  I realize that they have to pay the stylists and shipping charges, so I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a fee, but it probably costs SF a lot less, but they have figured out that $20 is the price point that a lot of us will not want to forfeit.  If there weren’t the fee, I wouldn’t have kept anything from this shipment.

My favorite thing was a pair of Kut from the Kloth pants, which fit, but gave me a slight muffin top.  They were not stretchy so I knew they wouldn’t give after wearing.  I really wanted to make them work because the color, length, and way they made my flat butt look good were appealing.  But I decided to return them because the waist was just tight enough to be uncomfortable.  The upside is that this fix made me aware of a brand I might not have found otherwise, and I have since ordered Kut from the Kloth jeans I love from Nordstrom.

I wasn’t crazy about anything else in the box, but this Papermoon Bastille blouse (right and above) was okay, and not super expensive.  I wasn’t in love with it because: I already had a similar blouse, the fit wasn’t flattering, and I prefer less black in my warm weather wardrobe.  I am large chested, so fitted (not tight) shirts look better on me, otherwise it appears as though I am the same width as my breasts all the way down.  But again, I wasn’t going to lose my $20, so this is what I kept.

 sf The worst part however, is that when I was looking up the shirt online, I realized that different people pay more for the same shirt!  I got it in black, but it cost $44.  It is the same as the black shirt pictured above, listed for $38.  A google search shows that the shirt comes in a lot of different colors, and some are $38, some are $44.  I know that some stores charge more for prints, as in my example above.  But mine is identical to the black one.  Why was I charged the higher price?  I could not find the answer on SF’s web site or google.  Some things that I know could affect the price: plus sizing (nope), prints (again, nope), seasonality/getting rid of inventory (I got this AFTER the lower priced version above was posted, so nope).  If anyone can give me some insight into this I’d appreciate it.

I keep reading mixed reviews about SF, I’m not sure if it is worth it for me, particularly if they continue unfair pricing strategies.  If any of you out there want to give it a try and let me know your experience, you can use my link: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/5915833

NO-jito Popsicles

Pinterest Fail

I became a fan of mojitos when I lived in Florida for five years.  Perfect on a warm day, which was most of the year, refreshing and not too sweet.  I no longer live in a semi-tropical climate, but when I saw these Havana Mojito Popsicles on Pinterest, I was inspired and excited to try them once summer hit.  I even already had the same pop molds, it seemed meant to be…

Alas, it was not.  First, I feel like the picture, while beautiful, is a bit misleading.  You can get away with whole mint leaves possibly, but unpeeled lime slices?  You’re supposed to be able to bite/lick through those?  The recipe itself tells you to blend/slush all of the ingredients, and doesn’t mention adding mint leaves or sliced lime to the molds, so I’m assuming the picture is just for show.

Second, my blender is what I would call small to average, but it’s not like a bullet or anything.  However, once I got the rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and sprite in it, there was little room for ice.  I decided I would have to add the ice one cup at a time, blend, then add another cup.  This is where the mojito hit the fan.  I put the first cup of ice in, put my hand on the lid, hit “start,”… and my blender basically exploded.  I lost about 1/3 of the mixture, which was now a sticky mess all over my cabinets, counter top, floor, and myself.  In hindsight I should have taken a picture, but I was so upset/annoyed that it didn’t occur to me.  I am not blaming the author of this recipe of course, I completely own this fail.  Maybe my blender was too small, maybe the soda, which I opened right before I poured it in, was too fizzy, I don’t know.  Once the mess was cleaned up, I decided to press on, adding some more ice and then the mint leaves to create a “mojito slush.”

Finally I was ready to pour into my molds.  The mint leaves did not evenly distribute at all, they didn’t want to pour, so after I got the molds filled I basically had to spoon some mint on top.  Hence the sad little mint flakes at the bottom of my pictured pop.  Despite losing a good third of the mixture, I still had enough to fill all of my molds, then fill a small pitcher halfway.  In the end, I wasn’t excited about this recipe in liquid or frozen form.  The finished product lacked the visual wow-factor that the original picture had, and the taste, while pleasant, wasn’t really mojito-y.