Valentine’s “Fishing” Gift for Him

IMG_0940Men are notoriously hard to shop for, and my man is no exception.  I was lucky this Valentine’s Day in that I had a good idea for one gift, and a few “maybe” ideas.  I decided the best way to turn the “maybes” into good V-Day gifts was to match them with something I love about my partner.  And since my partner likes to fish, I thought it would be fun to present them like a fishing game, having him fish for his gifts, even though none of the gifts was actually related to fishing.  😉  The finished product is shown above.  There is some red tissue paper in there but I sort of stuffed it down to cover the gifts and so it wouldn’t just fly up when he pulled out his first gift.  I numbered the papers in order from smallest (in value and excitement level) to largest.  I tied or taped one end of jute to the gift, and taped the corresponding note to the other end of jute and hung them outside the bag.  I underlined the key word in each clue:


My partner isn’t easily impressed or really into this cutesy stuff, but he actually had a fun time reading the clues, guessing the gift, then fishing them out.  I am filing this idea away for other recipients/occasions, as I think the clues and guessing really add to the gifts, even if they are all small and inexpensive.


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