DIY Valentine’s Cocktail Mix Gift


I love themed gifts, and I throw myself fully into all the greeting-card holidays as an excuse to theme away!  For Valentine’s Day, I like to do small but meaningful gifts for my friends and family.  I get lots of good ideas off of Pinterest, since I am a Pinterest troll. 😉 I found a great recipe here for conversation heart infused vodka, and decided that would be my Vday gift this year.



The original recipe calls for a bag of conversation hearts in the brand of your choosing.  I got lucky when I went shopping and saw that Brach’s is selling a bag of only “reds.”  They are actually white, and three shades of pink, but whatever.  Less colors/flavors means less sorting, higher number of hearts of each flavor, and less waste of colors that don’t taste as good.  I started sorting out of the bag, but as the three shades of pink look similar, it was easier to dump them on a white paper towel and sort from there.  When they are all on a white surface, the differences in the colors was more apparent.  Once they were all sorted, I attempted to discern the flavors.  The bag says they are cherry, watermelon, raspberry, and strawberry, but there isn’t a key as to which color is which flavor.  I looked on the Brach’s website and even googled it, to no avail.  It took me two rounds of tasting to come up with the following key, and to be honest, I still am not sure which is raspberry and which is strawberry, they were THAT similar:

White- Cherry

Light Pink- Watermelon

Orange-y Pink- Raspberry

Hot pink- Strawberry



I am giving away one batch, and taking the other three to visit my family for a pre-Valentine’s party.  The batch I am giving away I’m gifting in a mason jar, as pictured.  The recipe calls for 20 hearts per half cup of vodka, I did 3/4 cup to 30 hearts.  I used decent “middle shelf” vodka as it was on sale at my local ABC store.  I also got some cute paper straws from Target, and tags with hearts on them from Michael’s. (See top picture for completed look).  I put the flavor on the front of the tag, and a suggestion to strain it and add to sparkling wine on the back of the tag.  That’s how I plan to consume it with my family.  You can shoot it as is, but it’s a bit sweet for my taste.  One bag of the “reds” was enough for at least two batches of each flavor, but I am saving the other half for another treat.  I actually thought it looked cooler before the hearts dissolved (see below), but they do eventually disappear and turn the liquid the color of the hearts, leaving just a little sediment, which is why I recommend straining before serving.




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